*** UPDATE (Jan 2023)  We are currently not accepting anymore wholesale orders. The only exceptions are Wholesale/Bulk Clearance items. Please contact us if you're interested in clearance items at low rates. You can also search the word - "WHOLESALE" - under the search field on the top menu for items we have on Sale. Please note: You have to be a boutique buyer to buy these items at low rates. Proof of ownership is required via website/social media.

For dropshipping, please contact us on what items you'd like to dropship from our website menu and we will give you the price. Most items are already priced at wholesale, ready for you to double up as your retail price.





If you are interested in purchasing any product from our website for wholesale, please contact us via the Contact us link for pricing.



We also offer a Drop shipping service. Please contact us for pricing details.

What is dropshipping? You take the orders from your customers and we ship items for you from California. It's simple and hassle free while you make a certain amount from it. Plus there is NO extra fee for this service currently.

Add products from our Ready to Ship collection to your shop and send us your orders (without customer email as we will not be conversing with your customer). We will pack and ship the ordered item to your customer without any invoice from us. We will send you the tracking number to send to your customer. We can also add your information if you like. This option is great for boutiques.